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Pressure Reducing Valve Services

PRV Plumbing Services In Colorado | Repair & Replacements

A common piece of equipment that we often see overlooked is a good Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV). Don’t know what a PRV is? That’s okay. In simple terms, a PRV is a device that is installed on your water lines to automatically regulate your water pressure. Suppose you have found that you have water pressure issues, either too high or too low. In that case, you may benefit from water pressure testing that can help determine if you need a new PRV installation or prv valve replacement on your water lines.

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Water Pressure Management in Colorado

PRVs help make sure that your water pressure is just right — not too high or too low. If your water pressure is too low, you are unable to accomplish many everyday activities like showering, washing your dishes or watering your lawn. When your water pressure is too high,however, it can actually lead to damaged pipe joints, leaking pipes and premature wear and tear to your equipment and fixtures. On top of all that, high pressure can also lead to wasted water.

In order to control water pressure, a PRV helps keep your system’s water pressure at a constant level and reduces the high pressure coming in from water mains. They accomplish this by using a diaphragm to control the amount of water coming in through the valve. Each valve has preset pressure points at which it opens or closes to increase or decrease the pressure.

A PRV is generally installed underground near the main shut off for your water meter . There are instances, however, when a PRV is installed above ground. It’s important to know where your pressure regulator is installed so that you can take proper care of it. If, for example, your regulator is above ground, you will need to make sure that it and the pipes it is attached to are insulated from exposure to the elements. It’s also important to make sure that your PRV is sized properly with your existing pipes to make sure that your water pressure is right for your home or business.

Besides Helping you with your home water pressure, our residential  plumbing services for Westminster, Denver, Boulder, Arvada and other surround Colorado areas can assist you through a wide range of services such as:

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