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Water Gate Valve Repair Services

Professional Water Gate Valve Repair & Main Water Valve Replacement in Colorado

If you have a plumbing emergency, or if you decide to do some plumbing maintenance yourself, knowing how to shut off the water supply can be critical to a successful outcome.

All water that is piped into your home from an outside source arrives at what is known as the main shutoff valve. The water main shutoff valve is generally located in the basement or on an exterior wall in the utility area of your home. It is the valve that is used to shut off the supply of water in your house. Find it and clearly label it so that other members of your household can easily identify it. 

Call Big Apple Plumbing at (720) 900-1003 for professional water gate valve repair or maintenance services in Westminster and other areas of Colorado. Then see if you can turn the valve off. (Most shutoff valves require a turn to the right to stop the flow of water.)

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Types of Main Shutoff Valves

Gate valves are commonly found in older construction, nowadays these are against plumbing code and not allowed to be installed. Newer houses or plumbing with copper or plastic main water pipes generally use ball valves instead. If an opportunity arises to replace your existing gate-style shutoff valve, consider switching to the more reliable and easier-to-use ball valve.

Auxiliary Water Main Shutoff Valves

Water flows through the main shutoff valve to the pipes that supply various plumbing mechanisms in your home. Typically, the major water pipes (your exterior faucets, your washing machine, your kitchen sink and dishwasher, and your bathroom plumbing) feature an auxiliary shutoff valve, which means you can stop the flow of water to individual fixtures or specific areas of your house during a repair or emergency and still supply water to the rest of your home. Again, find these valves and label them. Auxiliary shutoff valves are generally located close to the fixture that the water pipe serves—under your sinks, beneath your toilet tanks, and near your washing machine.

Water Gate Valve Repair and Maintenance

First, don’t wait for an emergency or a needed water gate valve repair. Take a few minutes to test all your shutoff valves to ensure they are not frozen in the open position. If they are frozen, don’t exert extreme force to try to open them. It may be time to call your plumber.

Tips to Keep in Mind:

No matter how big or small the problem may see, at Big Apple Plumbing we are committed to deliver top customer service and plumbing jobs that last. We can assist you with a wide range of plumbing issues such as:

If you’ve tried these maintenance tips and still need water main shutoff valve repair services, please call Big Apple Plumbing at   (720) 900-1003 for plumbing repair in Westminster.

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Water Main Valve Replacement



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