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Backflow Services - Reliable Backflow Prevention Services

Protect Your Water Supply with Reliable Sprinkler Backflow Preventers!

Have you ever considered the potential hazards lurking in your home’s plumbing system? It may not be something we think about often. But the importance of protecting our water supply cannot be overstated. 

Big Apple Plumbing offers backflow services like installing a sprinkler backflow preventer to defend your main water supply from potential contaminants. These are known by a few different names, like vacuum breakers or pressure vacuum breakers, for effective plumbing protection. The Sprinkler Backflow Preventer is a specific type that focuses on safeguarding your irrigation system. By getting it installed, you can ensure that water flows out to your sprinklers.

Professional Backflow Testing Services: Ensuring Water Quality

One key challenge in maintaining clean water supplies is the potential for backflow. A situation where water flows in the opposite direction within a plumbing system creates a contamination risk. At Big Apple Plumbing, we offer professional backflow testing services to ensure the safety and integrity of your water supply system.

Backflow could be due to changes in pressure or cross-connections with non-potable water sources, posing a serious threat to public health. Backflow prevention devices play a crucial role in protecting water systems.

Let’s Check How A Sprinkler Backflow Preventer Works

Inlet Connection

The backflow preventer is installed where the irrigation systems connect to the main water supply. It is typically located underground or in a valve box to protect it from environmental elements. The inlet side of the backflow preventer is connected to the main water supply line.

Check Valves

The backflow preventer has two check valves: a primary check valve and a secondary check valve. These valves allow water to flow in only one direction. The primary check valve is located closest to the inlet connection. On the other hand, the secondary check valve is located downstream of the primary valve.

Pressure Differential

When the irrigation system is turned on, water flows from the main supply into the backflow preventer. The pressure of the incoming water pushes against the primary check valve. It opens the backflow preventer and allows water to enter the irrigation system. Simultaneously, the pressure on the secondary check valve keeps it closed, preventing any water from flowing backward.

Normal Operation

During normal operation, water flows through the open primary check valve and continues moving into the irrigation system. The primary check valve remains open due to the pressure differential the water supply creates. Meanwhile, the secondary check valve remains closed due to the opposing pressure from the irrigation system.

Backflow Event

A sudden drop in water pressure in the main supply line or a backflow event may occur. A few examples are a water main break or a drop in water pressure due to firefighting activities. In such a scenario, the pressure in the irrigation system may exceed the pressure in the main water supply. This pressure reversal would normally cause water to flow backward, potentially contaminating the potable water.

Backflow Prevention

In backflow, the pressure reversal causes the primary check valve to close. It prevents backward water flow into the main supply line. Simultaneously, the pressure created in the irrigation system pushes against the closed primary check valve. It opens the secondary check valve. It will allow the excess pressure to be released into the atmosphere. As a result, it prevents contamination of the main water supply.

Big Apple Plumbing Backflow Services Include:

Backflow Prevention for Broomfield CO residents and near by cities

What is the reason behind Back Flow?

Backflow occurs when water follows the natural path of moving from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure. Back-siphonage can happen due to some reasons:

Besides, the improper installation of a sprinkler system can also lead to backflow due to excessive back pressure from the pump. It is not the situation that you want at your place. So, call the backflow expert plumbers in Westminster at Big Apple Plumbing to get a good-quality backflow prevention device installed!

Call Big Apple Plumbing at (720) 900-1003 to get in touch with our team for backflow testing services and learn all about how we can help you!

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